Nothing in this world is as soft and yielding as water … yet none can wear it away.
Loazi, Tao Te Ching

Current times seem to be characterised by both a fear of being too weak and a fear of uncontrollable forces that are too strong. So what should we encourage then? Hardness or softness? Strength or compassion? Toughness or kindness?

Can this simply be solved by an impeccable universal morality that will provide everyone with a razor-sharp rational judgment on when to apply which, with zero room for any material disagreement?

Or can we maybe be strong and yielding at the same time, as Loazi suggested in his metaphor of water? Could the martial art of Aikido perhaps be applied to more aspects of our lives than just physical self-defense? Could it be possible to acknowledge all the unnecessary suffering going on in the world as the result of human activity in a way that empowers us to do something about it, without being selective about who we hold close to our hearts?

Can we only secure ourselves and our environment in ways that spread and reinforce a sense of separateness, for which defence and competition make much more sense than kindness, consideration and forgiveness? Or can we increase our security by inspiring oneness and love instead?

This website is a growing resource of articles, links, and tools to facilitate others to support themselves and the world to close the divides in our societies, countries, neighbourhoods, families and, first and foremost, within our own hearts.

Conflict can either be abused for entertainment and divide-and-rule strategies, or it can be the focal point of our growth and connection. I choose the latter. Will you join me?

Wishing you peace and warmth.