Since recent challenges of enforced or voluntary lock downs put extra stress on human relationships and on life in general, I am temporarily giving The Guilt Delusion away as a free PDF download.

A Recipe for Love that Dissolves Hatred, Greed and Cruelty

An inspirational self-help guide to break free from your dependence on guilt and blame and harness the power of love and empathy to secure your needs and improve your relationships. Jeroen Lichtenauer’s zeitgeist-defying take on love and human psychology offers a surprisingly down to Earth answer to some of the most pressing questions of our time.

If books on psychology left you wishing for some appreciation of the undefinable beauty of being human, while books on spirituality left you confused about how to nurture love, kindness and thankfulness without blaming yourself or others for not being there yet, “The Guilt Delusion: A Recipe for Love that Dissolves Hatred, Greed and Cruelty” is the perfect book for you.

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Or watch Jeroen’s interview with Alex Monk below: